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My Benesch My Team Campaign - Flex

March 11, 2016
My Benesch My Team: Client Feature Ads

“I work with many well-known, global mega-firms, but with Benesch I get better responsiveness and better creative ideas for a far better value."

-Melissa Zujkowski
Vice President, Litigation & Disputes



Flex brings “Sketch to Scale” capabilities to many of the world’s best-known companies, designing, manufacturing and distributing a variety of brand-name electronics and consumer goods on a contract or outsourcing basis. To help keep its complex global supply chain from getting bogged down with legal issues, Flex relies on Benesch. We work with Melissa and her team to stay ahead of all types of commercial disputes and litigation—from IP matters to contracts to M&A deals and more.

Below is a testimonial from Melissa Zujkowski, Vice President, Litigation & Disputes at Flex

Tell me about Flex.

We're a global contract manufacturing and outsource design company. Our “sketch to scale” design and manufacturing services serve some of the world’s best known brands in a wide cross section of industries, from electronics to automotive to medical devices, aerospace and more. We have over 100 sites in 30 countries and 200,000 employees. It’s not my favorite description and kind of a cliché, but a lot of people call us “the biggest company you never heard of.”

How did you come to work with Benesch?

I worked with Joe Castrodale in a previous position. When I joined Flextronics, I continued working with Joe, which carried over when he moved to Benesch. Now I work with Joe and his team, including Yelena Boxer, Isaac Eddington, Andrew Fiorella, Andy Jarzyna, Warren McClurg, Greg PhillipsBrian Ramm and James von der Heydt.

What kinds of things does Benesch help you with?

Benesch is a full-service firm and supports Flex in a variety of areas. But Benesch is our go-to firm for commercial litigation—business disputes of all sorts, including IP matters, product liability and warranty cases, contract disputes, customer and supplier disputes, and disputes arising from acquisitions.

Is it domestic or international litigation?

Benesch primarily supports us in domestic disputes, but we are thrilled to have the Shanghai office available to assist our Chinese operations. Benesch is also well-equipped to support us in international arbitrations globally. We also have a lot of witnesses located overseas who are critical to disputes pending in the U.S. Benesch has excelled in “thinking outside the country,” displaying cultural awareness, and working effectively with our diverse, global team.

Why do you choose to work with Benesch?

First of all, I trust Joe and his team, partly because of my history with them, but I also like that they’re responsive, hungry, entrepreneurial. We’re a large global company and I work with a lot of law firms, most of which are a lot more expensive. I don’t feel like I’m getting any better quality of legal service or results from those places than I’m able to get from Benesch. I actually get better responsiveness and better creative ideas for a far better value from the Benesch team.

One of the things Benesch tries to do for its clients is to keep them ahead of the curve. Do you feel like you get that?

Yes, I feel like they provide regular updates, alerts, and proactive suggestions. I've been very happy across the board with the whole team. Benesch’s bench strength is excellent. I have been introduced to a lot of Benesch lawyers that I didn’t work with previously and I've been impressed with everyone’s attitude. Everyone seems to be consistent with the attributes I find valuable on Joe's team—hungry to please, hungry to come up with creative ideas, proactive thinkers and responsive.

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