Regulatory Enforcement/Advocacy

With a unique combination of both litigation and enforcement experience, the CCRE Practice Group is comprised of seasoned and highly skilled trial attorneys who use their experience to effectively assess clients’ options and develop the most effective litigation or settlement strategy. Our trial attorneys are prepared to provide defense representation when necessary and serve as advocates for our clients. Among the enforcement matters we commonly handle for clients are outside audits, subpoenas and governmental investigations, administrative hearings, and jury trial to verdict. Responding effectively to criminal investigations and prosecutions requires, first and foremost, experience with the subtleties of the criminal enforcement process. Should a company or individual cooperate in the investigation and, if so, to what extent? Should the company conduct its own investigation? How should potential civil, or criminal, exposure be managed? Benesch has successfully represented its clients with regard to such important matters and decisions.

The trial attorneys in the CCRE Practice Group make it their primary goal for each client to arrive at the best possible legal outcome with the least negative effect on the client's business. Whether appearing before government agencies or state or federal courts, we offer clients depth of skill and experience before various types of adjudicative bodies. In addition to litigation, this also includes arbitration and mediation skills, as the best solution to a problem is often times to find a middle ground and minimize the eventual loss. Alternative resolutions to full litigation can save the client both money and exposure to severe penalties. The goal above all is to achieve the most favorable result for the client possible, while ensuring the least amount of negative impact.