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Client Service

We at Benesch are committed to building relationships with our clients. This is accomplished through ongoing communication and frequent visits. The firm maintains that partnering with our clients, learning about their businesses and operations, anticipating their legal needs and providing solutions will ensure long-term relationships. We believe the foundation of a strong, lasting relationship with our clients starts with mutual understanding of goals and strategies.

We have established a formal key client assessment program. This includes visits to the clients by the firm’s Managing Partner and Client Services Director to discuss the service provided by the team and client goals. Benesch also develops “client teams” to understand fully the needs, goals and strategies of, and deliver services to, our clients. These focused teams strive to see the world from our clients’ perspective and to find the best solutions to address their needs.

Benesch approaches each case or matter with a unique knowledge and insight acquired from years of experience, and an appreciation and understanding of the client and their legal needs. We recognize that clients must be kept up-to-date concerning actions and activities on their behalf and ensures that clients are informed of the on-going legal process through periodic meetings or discussions. We are committed to implementing clients’ guidelines and meeting their objectives.

Benesch believes that a primary responsibility in legal representation is to keep clients informed of developments in the law to prevent litigation and exposure. Therefore, we alert our clients to those actions and activities that can reduce or prevent their exposure in claims, as well as provide educational opportunities through seminars and workshops. By constantly monitoring the trends in the industry, Benesch is able to provide clients with the latest information, law and technology to successfully deal with emerging trends.

Our firm understands the need to provide legal services as efficiently as possible and to avoid surprises on invoices. We provide our clients with the highest quality legal services, with staffing and costs appropriate to the task at hand in terms of seniority and expertise.