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Our Construction Law Practice Group is comprised of attorneys who are skilled and truly understand the construction industry itself. We know the issues and we know how to handle them. Within our group, we have the background and skills that demonstrates our focus and experience. Our construction attorneys have unique professional and legal backgrounds that enhance their service to our clients. Our attorneys include a licensed architect, public sector representation and hands-on construction experience. All told, our attorneys have over 75 years of combined experience in the construction industry.

Construction Litigation

Our litigators are known for their well-deserved and impressive reputations, depth and skill throughout the construction industry. Benesch represents various parties, including contractors, owners, construction-related professionals and insurers. We have substantial experience in all types of construction disputes including: bid disputes; subsurface claims; constructive change disputes; extra work claims; delay, disruption and interference claims; workmanship and product failure disputes. We have appeared in federal, state and courts of claims, as well as various board of contract appeals and arbitration forums. Our attorneys also serve as arbitrators and mediators, so we understand what it takes to successfully present and defend claims.

Efficient, Focused on Results

Once a project is underway, our team emphasizes preventative measures. We draw on our experience in alternative dispute resolution methods to handle conflicts quickly and effectively.
Our attorneys are skilled advocates and facilitators in mediations, arbitrations, dispute review boards and litigation. We know how to use each of these forums effectively, and will advise you on the most economical and creative methods to resolve your dispute. When formal litigation cannot be avoided, we are prepared to vigorously pursue our clients’ objectives.

You’ll find that our construction team represents the entire spectrum of construction industry participants. Our clients include public, middle-market and emerging companies, as well as public entities and non-profit organizations. We have first-hand experience in every conceivable building category, including tunnels, bridges, roads, buildings and industrial facilities. From issues dealing with power plants, dams, refineries, sport complexes and highways to residential development and high-rise to low-rise, we attack every project with the same intensity. Our years of experience in large, complicated cases allow us to address our client’s interests at the highest levels. We work with our clients to handle construction issues from start to finish, cooperatively and interactively.