Health & Welfare Plans – Strategies & Funding

Today, with double-digit inflation hitting medical benefits each year, the pressure is on employers to maintain benefits and control cost. Our team is familiar with all of the current strategies and tactics used to control benefit costs, to assess contractual issues with third party administrators, to update and change the terms and conditions of plans and to provide good and open disclosure to participants about the value of the benefits they are receiving.

  • Wrap Plan Document and Description, Compliance and Strategies
  • Cost Saving Opportunities in Plan Design
  • ERISA Claims Process and Strategies
  • Funding Strategies and Plan Design Initiatives
  • Third Party Service Contracts
  • Stop Loss and Self-insurance Assessments
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Arrangements
  • Short and Long-term Disability Design
  • Post-retirement Welfare Arrangements
  • COBRA and FSA Management