Noncompete Agreements & Trade Secret Rights

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, the protection of customer relationships and trade secrets is vitally important. Our Labor & Employment Practice Group attorneys are very active throughout the U.S. in representing employers in the utilization and enforcement of noncompete agreements and the protection of trade secrets. Effective enforcement of noncompete agreements and trade secret rights does not begin with the filing of a lawsuit. Rather, it begins with a careful assessment of the business needs involved, determining the type of protection required and the development of a well-conceived approach to protection and enforcement. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience in this process and in litigation when necessary for enforcement. We routinely litigate these cases throughout the country.

Recognizing that trade secret protection is multi-faceted, Benesch has created a Trade Secret Protection & Enforcement Team drawn from our Labor & Employment, Intellectual Property and Litigation Practice Groups. This interdisciplinary approach ensures that our clients’ trade secret issues are thoroughly addressed from all perspectives, including whether seeking patent protection would be advisable. We assist clients in conducting audits to determine the type of information amenable to trade secret protection, in designing protection plans to secure the information, and, working in tandem with accounting professionals, in the valuation of trade secrets.