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School Law

Benesch's School Law Group recognizes the needs of public, independent and non-traditional schools in Ohio for effective, efficient and customized legal counsel. Our firm develops strong relationships with school administrators and school board members in order to truly understand their needs and the culture that drives those needs to become an integral part of each client’s “management team.”

Because no two school districts are alike, the legal counsel we provide to our school clients is not a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, our attorneys help clients balance the needs of the school community while keeping our school clients on solid legal footing. We knowledgeably address the diverse and complex issues our clients face within the unique cultural framework of each school.

Our School Law clients include public, independent and non-traditional school clients, such as local, city and exempted village school districts, multi-county educational service centers, career and technical centers, public-sponsored community schools, start-up community schools, independent schools and statewide educational associations.