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Air Transportation

The Benesch Transportation & Logistics Group offers top-ranked domestic and international experience across all modes. Air transportation is no exception. Many of the most dynamic and controversial issues in transportation law are unique to the air sector, such as: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Lithium Ion Battery Transport / Hazardous Materials Transport, Transportation Security Administration Compliance, Registration, and Supply Chain Security and Screening. The Benesch team has long provided expert counsel and representation in the turbulent air transportation sector.

High-Flying Background You Need

Today’s global supply chains are implementing air transport as an increasingly valuable tool for speed and flexibility. These efficiencies balance against high costs, high regulations, and high risk. Benesch attorneys pilot through these continually evolving challenges by providing valuable insight into market and enforcement trends, as well as practical solutions delivering operational best practices, to our shipper, forwarder, carrier, technology, investor, pilot, and airport clients.

The Benesch team will partner with yours to deliver the knowledgeable advice and industry savvy you expect from yourself and your management team. Our team members possess a wide range of legal and industry experience suitable for any need, including those who previously served as in-house counsel responsible for the legal and regulatory needs of the Indirect Air Carrier operations at large transportation and logistics providers, a licensed customs broker, and a certified pilot. We are also active in the influential trade organizations representing the air sector. For example, Martha Payne is a member of the Regulatory and Compliance Committee and a “Member at the Bar” with the Air Forwarders Association. Our practice is both domestic and international, including import and export counsel, due to the global character of air transport.

Full-Service Experience You Trust

Benesch’s footprint of domestic and international offices provide the multidisciplinary depth of experience you require for the transactional, regulatory, and litigation matters that arise involving air transportation. Examples of our experience include:

  • Drafting and negotiating modern state-of-the-law contracts, including those tailored to air transportation, surface transportation and drayage, developing station agents, equipment finance, equipment lease, aircraft sales and leases (including partnerships and fractional ownership agreements), aircraft charters, and airport leases.
  • Counseling on regulatory compliance and operational best practices, including the development of Standard Operating Procedures, IACSSP compliance, STA requirements, C-TPAT compliance, cargo security, hazardous materials, UAV, import / export compliance, and airport certification and reporting requirements.

  • Counseling on licensing and operating authority requirements, including during the IATA/CNS Certificate and TSA-approved IAC application and renewal process.

  • Representation during enforcement investigations and audits by authorities such as the FAA, TSA, and CBP, including the mitigation and in some cases elimination of fines and penalties.

  • Representation prosecuting and defending cargo loss, damage, and delay claims.

  • Representation during mergers and acquisitions, both buy-side and sell-side, including transportation-focused due diligence on a global basis, assessment of risk exposure, analysis of operating authorities and procedures, and analysis of cargo claims.