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Blockchain 101: Will Blockchain Transform the Supply Chain? | Marc S. Blubaugh

Cleveland State University - Monte Ahuja College of Business

August 10, 2018
Speaking Engagement
Speakers: Marc S. Blubaugh
Cleveland, OH

Chatter about blockchain technology is ubiquitous.  Every day, headlines, bulletins, and articles proclaim that blockchain will revolutionize business.  However, blockchain is frequently misunderstood.  Mr. Blubaugh will explain the fundamentals of blockchain technology (what it is and what it is not) and, moreover, how it may affect the evolution of transportation, logistics, warehousing, and other critical components of the supply chain.

Marc S. Blubaugh, a partner with Benesch's Litigation Practice Group and Transportation & Logistics Group, will be speaking.  

For additional information, please contact Megan Thomas at 216.363.4639 or mthomas beneschlaw.com.