International Trade & Supply Chain Management

With the ever increasing global expansion of goods and services, international trade has evolved from a luxury into a necessity for most domestic companies. The ability of a company to compete and financially grow in a particular industry may depend upon tailoring a program to buy and sell products from and to companies and consumers in other countries. Manufacturers are now part of a supply chain that is global in scope and constantly evolving. That is why Benesch has created its International Trade & Supply Chain Management Practice Group. The Group assists companies with the host of issues they face at each stage of international expansion.

Benesch’s services range from assisting domestic companies with creating programs to import and/or export goods, to assisting companies in structuring programs to ensure compliance with the various state and federal trade regulations, to import-export and customs compliance matters. The International Trade & Supply Chain Management Practice Group’s expertise complements Benesch’s broad-based experience in transportation and logistics law.